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...by we they mean me...
.... the Cambridge ladies do not care, above
Cambridge if sometimes in its box of
sky lavender and cornerless, the
moon rattles like a fragment of angry candy

Ravens and some:
Terry Michael's corner Entwhistle-Kevin Aura and her piano Anthony's fishies Lim-Su-Li Lisa's church Sylvia Fawcett Quiet Etienne Marietta Edgecombe Harry P Weasley-G
these days
Apr. 20th, 2005 @ 04:20 pm (no subject)
Oh dear time has been passing passing and I have been passing through it. And I had forgottn you latpot which was quite crule of me. But there has been so much, so many numbers and music that wonders through the corridors and teas wth the green man. And flying. Lots of flying to get my gravity back. I have a new tapestry-friend even thouhg he needs a washing he's quite friendly.

Everyoen is so busy with books that it is a lot of me and the numbers or the back stacks of teh library with the rainbowed cobbywebs and lemons librarians don't eat. It is nice back there and did you knwo that it wasn't always library? No no not at all. Hogwarts changes but the walls remember. Walls have long memories. I think I shall come back as a wall. Or a door, perhaps a door with a red jewel handle. Or the air that pases through doors and cracks. It is quite nice to be air.
the details
seep into stone, for love of Hogwarts, hiding, hide and don't find me
Apr. 1st, 2005 @ 08:02 pm (no subject)
THere were new poeple at breakfast today! Idon't think that Hermione Granger really lieked Lisa's brekfast conversatio nat all because she had red fireworks all in hre hair. Michael is a Hufflepuff fornow, and hee looks nice in yellow yesyes. Entwhistle-Kevin was gone too and he scolws about being snakey but he almost never not-scowls anymore. I dont nkow why everyone is so shocked about it becaues sometimes after times hats don't fit anymoer and then you need a different hat. Theyre not even real forever hats and not evne hats really just ties adn badges. Do you look in the miror and say I am Ravenclaw or which house in the morning? Because I say I am Luna and taht's it. It could be any colour.

Terry I don't kno wwhat you're saying to Michael right now but it's really loevly blue, splendiferous blue and you've had pretty sparkles all today. It is not any your fault you nkow. The pxies in teh library led me to a shelf all about numbers and I listened to the Green Man tlak to the messenger and he said such things such things. Maybe I should wriet them down but then Julia Ccame and they went away with all the fog.
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Mummy's hat, a painted blank, an experiment in muggle formality
Mar. 19th, 2005 @ 02:19 pm (no subject)
ohmy things have been excting. I didnt see teh man with no head I was somewhere else entirely and Padma Patil came to the cornre of the library and brougt me down with evertbody. Poor latpot got left behind in my bed where I wasnot. Evreyone is scared now because fo the man with no head and then the riddle on the wall. The riddle it was intersting so i read it tomy latpot for remembering. Good thing because it got scrubbed away and I cuoldn't go back to see it.

Through the hydra the dead shall walk to replace the lost
Blood shall no longer bind the advance of decay.
The man's flaw'd mirror sees itself -- under pressure it will break.
Through death comes salvation of life and new alliances made.
Ace's Sword and Devil shall cleave together in malice and hate
And the world's fate rests on a single choice.

Michael and Mandy B are researrchnig it and so is Entwhistle-Kevin. I think I will try and help because they are all so busy nand I have no NEWTs. Talking to ghosts and lbolollies and numbers and finglebels and watching watching watching is busy but a riddle written so big mustb e impotrant right?
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dealing the cards like a meditation, 'tis a secret
Mar. 8th, 2005 @ 03:39 pm (no subject)
I haev not played withthis in a long timeb ut that is because i have discovred suhc interesting things. My words are comin gback you see and I am flying again. There are headachesn wo but that's allright. Terry and I have had veryni ce times especialy when everyoen was so happy and full of light so ful I had my eyes close half teh day but still I cuold see glowing.

But numbers! NUmbers numbers numbers! They fit click click and boom everything fits and then exploeds. I have said hello to many diffrent times and places and thigns and the Grey Lady has been so kind.Her name is Fiona did you know and she lieks numbers to so iPromised her Id show her mu numbers. She tells me the best thigns all sortsof secrets and I tell her waht Isee because she litsens to my stoies. Michael and Lisa are busy planning tobe naeked and isn''t that kind of silyl? You can be naked any time no planning but if theyw ant to pla nthats okey too. If it were warmre I'd be naked more Grass is nice on my belly.

Entwhistle-Kevin has a new couch adn he says he dosent' like it but hes sitting on it and we cant so I Think he loevs it even if it's diffrent. Aura's cat likes it for sure he keeps getting shood off. He's a goood kity and Entwhistle-Kevin only pertends to swat him. He sawts Milosz for real because sheis my rattie. She made friends with piskies and loblollies the othre day but they haeven't been back yet

Now I have talked lots to maek up for silencs and the munbers are calling click click click BOOM
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been flying, this beautiful drowning, awaken the sun
Feb. 19th, 2005 @ 02:39 pm (no subject)
Teh QUiddithc match was very short today. We all jsut had seats and blinkit was over. That was all right thoguh because noone wanted to play, and it was looking like rain. Just before rain there are pagelbuncks and we talked on the way back becuase Terry got lost. They left me with sparkles btu no one can see tehm. That's very sad they're pretty.

I didn't knwo Adalia Frantzberger much ohter than she was tinyand bounced but she is with Mummy and Lim-Su-Li nwo. It seems unfair taht her friends cannot go to the funreal, though. Saying goodbye is improtant.

I am gettning better with typing now so being patient is all rihgt. Lisa says I am getting much better and I do'nt drop things so muhc anymore. I even got to og flying and it was fantastical and splendifous even if wew eren't that high up. I will leaern quaffles again and things will be beautifu.
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a different sense to everyone else, many seasons to feel glad sad mad
Feb. 6th, 2005 @ 04:48 pm (no subject)
Terry hasb een so nixe and sadi he wou;d type whatI say so its esier to read.

Hogsmeade was so very lovely. Terry (it's a bit odd to refer to myself in the third person) and I had a nice day, and we saw Lisa and Michael and Anthony-G for a bit. I got more ink and stones and buttons and yarn, and Terry got a new book. Hannah Abbott wore a very pretty dress and a lot of boys looked at her. A lot of girls looked, too. I got Lisa a birthday present, even though it is very very late. Some of the girls are trying to make a fuss about Valentine's Day already, which is probably best as otherwise it would have slipped right out of my head. It hasn't been much like pink hearts and flowers lately.

Anthony-G's turning everything upside down looking for that nasty book of his. I don't know why he wants it so much, because it was a very bad book. Poor Michael is hiding because Anthony-G is all Michael it's your fault! You made me leave so it's your fault! but really he needed the sun. And it's a bad book, so I don't know why he wants it. Any book that runs away cannot be good.

The Healer says that I am doing better at being patient. I'm not sure she's right, but she should know because she is the Healer, right? If I am still better next week, though, I can fly again. I'm so excited for the sky!
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The King + The Princess, we're all a bit mad here, some people call me Loony, my inside is outside
Jan. 25th, 2005 @ 04:43 pm (no subject)
HAppy Birthday Lisa!! And thnak you for teh huggs and for eading to me Youv'e been wondrful and your hugs aer almosta s good as Terrys adn you have a ncie lap.

I was goin gto ask Michael to helpme write this oen, but he is sadand busy so i"m tryng again on my own. Teh nice woman form St Mungos say it is good for me and so are Lisa's squezzy things but she aslo lauhged at those and said your freind Lisa is brillant. iLike her. She gave me adictaquilll for notes becuase I cant write fast enoguh and it isn't pretty like Terrys but it is good. she says Luna dont be fustratd things take tiem but I am mabye not so good at lisening anymore. I will learn to litsen again like everythnig else.

I don't like taht book at all Michael. It feels bad,

Terry says we will fly son. I miss flyng The sky is so bgi.
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in a yellow memory, my father's daughter, daydreaming
Jan. 17th, 2005 @ 06:29 pm (no subject)
Hello, everyone. I'm back at Hogwarts. Now. Since Saturday, actually. I've been in the. Infirmary with Madam. P-Pom free. My hair is back. But people came by. When it. Wasn't anyway. Everyone has. Come to visit and it was very. Nice. Going back to class was. A bit tricky, but. All right.

I stopped with thed ictator charm because it was beng difficult I'm sorry about the typingbut my fingers don'tli sten quire like they used to. The hea;ers say that it shall all get ebtter simeday, but it isn't easyy et. I am quit ebehind in classes, and it is good that it is the yer betwen OWLs and NEWTs because otherwise i'd be hopelesly behind. Terry promisd to help me, and Lisa too.

I'm vey sorry about Lim-su-Li. They say that death is teh next adventire, thoug so she is still having advemtures. I dont really remeber what hapemned at all, byt I'm suer that she was ding what she ddi best, and thats important.

I thnik that is enoguh for now. Before next tim, I will practcie so my fingers are better.
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I wish you hadn't, tilted, everything ceases movement, still as stone
Jan. 5th, 2005 @ 09:54 pm (no subject)
Is this right, Luna?

Oh, all right. Oooh, look at the letters! How fascinating.

Errr, this is Lionel Lovegood. Luna's dad, right. She, um, wanted me to use this funny lap-kettle device to tell you that she was awake. Well, actually, she's asleep again, but she was awake earlier, and, um, she left messages for a few of you and wanted me to, ah, say how she is.

So...it's very strange talking to this thing, you know? I've never tried to do anything like this before, but it's an experience! Where was I? Oh, yes. Luna woke up this afternoon. She's been slipping awake and asleep all day, but the Healers said that was normal, and if she stayed awake for most of tomorrow or the next day, that'd be a good thing. She, ah, hit her head very hard, and, err, there was talk of head trauma and such but I won't bore you children with details because I'm really going on and on! In any case, she's awake now, and she wanted me to say so right away so that you children wouldn't be worried. So I'll just give you your messages then.

Terry, my boy, she had one just for you. --ahem--

Don't worry, lovely, I'm not asleep any more. I'm sorry I missed your birthday, but I'll be home soon and we can have another.

Everyone else--err, she gave me a list of names, but it was very hard to hear her, you know, but I'm sure you all know who you are. She said this, though.

I'm all right, and I'll be home soon-soon. I hope you are all all right.

She, uh, doesn't know yet, about the girl. The Healers said it would be best if she didn't find out quite yet, being just awake and all. So, err, don't barge in here telling her just yet, all right? And, ah, don't be mentioning her hair if you come by, eh? She's not wanting to leave until she can grow it back.
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a permanently surprised look
Dec. 24th, 2004 @ 11:43 pm (no subject)
Terry and I had such a lovely time over the holiday. We decorated the house, and dad seems so pleased with it. Everything twinkles and it's quite wonderfully warm and cozy. There were lovely parties and lovely walks and flying and everything about Christmas so far has been perfect. The woods by my house are so pretty, all snowcovered and quiet. We did not open presents even though he's gone home now, because presents are for Christmas day and we are being patient. I do hope he likes his though. Milosz is so happy to be home again.

Michael owled me today with sad news, though. Anthony is disappeared and no one can find him, and it is just horrid. People should not disappear like socks or even Mummy's hat, which has returned actually, though it was gone so long. Hopefully Anthony shall return, just like Mummy's hat, because what should we do without him?

Ooh, it is almost Christmas. Happy Christmas, everyone!
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everything is perfect, perfect orb of white, the circle only has one side, a gift